How NY Businesses Use Custom Plaster Interior Ornamentation to Improve Atmosphere and Customer Engagement

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New York City’s hottest restaurants and bars have begun to add a touch of historical class to their establishments with gorgeous embellishments and architectural ornamentation. Luxury hotels in the Big Apple have been opting for the over the top style for decades, but sleek and elegant businesses have started infusing the modern with hints of these gorgeous filigrees and crown mouldings that add just the right amount of presence and allure. For restorations and new businesses, consider how interiors have an effect on the customer experience.



Companies like Arkada Plus Designs, located in Brooklyn, NY can make any design come to life from plaster and moulding whether customized or taken from their vast library of styles which can be seen in their New York showroom. They have worked with high end brands like Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Historic Sandun Saunas, but mostly work with local business and individuals in helping them stand out and create a unique atmosphere. For any restaurant, bar, or hotel, visual decor is a must in order to compete in New York City. It’s part of the customer experience and why sources like Zagat stress the decor rating of any establishment.

“It’s definitely that wow factor when you walk in the door,” said Johnny Swet, a top NYC mixologist at Victorian style restaurant, Oscar Wilde.



This establishment combines an authentic ostentatious decor with a down-to-earth, mellow ambiance, that represents the great Victorian aesthetic of early New York. The bar prides itself on its lush décor, —the spectacular carved-wood bar is a copy from an old mansion in Belfast and the textured walls, pilasters, mouldings and marble fireplaces are lovely.

Oscar Wilde and Lillie’s Victorian, another restautant located in New York City, both use over the top historically inspired interior ornamentation and antiques to recreate a lush, elevated ambience full of charm and character, but other establishments have fused the ultra modern minimalist style popular on the east coast with skillfully placed and cleverly designed touches of historically inspired interior architecture.

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The Crosby Street Hotel is a perfect example of how even small details can elevate the allure of an interior. The luxury crown mouldings in this room tie together the sleek and sophisticated atmosphere that the hotel encapsulates. Arkada Plus has worked with clients to achieve this modern aesthetic with the use of plaster mouldings and custom design.



Eleven Madison Park, as one of the highest-rated restaurants in New York (and, in fact, in the world), it comes as no surprise that Eleven Madison Park has a dazzling interior. The grand double-height dining room, housed within the landmarked Metropolitan Life tower, impresses with its elaborately decorated moulding. To the side of this space is the cozy bar, which sits beneath a sculptural gold-leafed ceiling. Even world renowned restaurants like this have added strategically placed filigree for an elevated and ultra chic atmosphere.



A similar aesthetic to Eleven Madison Park is St. Regis Hotel, one of New York’s finest and highest rated hotels. This hotel restoration combines both modern and historical luxury and sophistication with the appeal of home using wonderful patterns and a dash of color in addition to architectural moldings and fabrication. The friezes and embellishments below really brings the setting to life.



Even world renowned Italian Manhattan bistro, Giacomo Bistro, uses the new modern vintage style to elevate its presence and charm. The restoration for this restaurant kept its antique appeal while adding sleek, modern sophistication. Shown below is the owner sitting at the bar floor where the ceiling centres and details transport the senses. The bistro is known not only for its top notch cuisine, but also for its appealing interiors that go hand in hand with the fine dining experience.



We’re all very familiar with the vintage modern style in fashion, but the style creates even more wondrous effects when applied to interior decor and architecture. Businesses all across the metropolitan New York City area have created the perfect ambience for their customers and clients using the designs of moulding companies like Arkada. Be sure to find a company that provides not only the designs, but manufactures and installs them as well.

Whatever your project, having that elevated appeal with even the smallest of details can make all the difference. For more inspiration, check out some of these designs.

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