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For over 20 years ARKADA has produced luxury architectural ornamentation for both residential and commercial spaces throughout New York City. We are a family owned business that specializes in designing and crafting the very best of plaster products for our clients. Our team also specializes in high level renovation, restoration and repair.

We've done extensive exterior and interior plaster moldings and fabrication for boutiques, restaurants, spas, hotels, bars, offices, government buildings, apartments, homes, townhouses and much more.

Unique plaster moldings from ARKADA will elevate any space and emphasize your style.

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We work with major architecture bureaus, leading construction companies, famous interior designers and contractors across the 5 boroughs and can make custom plaster moldings based on your design or on our certified craftsmen’s ideas. You can always count on the highest quality of design, production, installation, and plaster fabrication when working with Arkada

Arkada is a newcomer to the NYC plaster and moulding scene, but they are a well-known international company, expanding from their successful base in Russia. After dominating the plaster and moulding scene in major Russian cities, notably Moscow, Arkada began worldwide expansion with a new location in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Since this expansion, they have quickly become a premier name in plaster and moulding in New York City.

What is fantastic about Arkada at the moment is that they bring with them an impressive international track record, and yet their pricing is still very reasonable.

All of these factors combined mean that with Arkada you’ll get international experience and proven craftsmanship at a remarkably competitive price.

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Molding is the perfect element to add value, elevate and upgrade the interior or exterior of your space. Specializing in both commercial plaster design and repair as well as residential installation, our skilled designers can help you bring your ideas to life and pick out the best possible molding for your space. With a long standing track record of high satisfaction, we are certain to make your space stand out.

Over the last 20 years, We have worked with some of the biggest architecture firms, leading construction companies, famous interior designers and contractors across the tri-state area.

We Serve:

 Manhattan - Brooklyn - Queens - Bronx - Staten Island - Long Island - Pennsylvania -  New Jersey

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Custom Plaster Design

Our clients can chose from lots of ready samples. We also offer to create a unique moulding design based on your ideas with the help of our designer.


Plaster moldings is made by the traditional hand-made technique and modern technologies, which allows to create the complicated objects. We produce the items of any forms, styles and sizes.


Plaster moldings is fragile, and to make sure that it’s delivered safe, our specialists will carefully pack and transfer it to your place.


It takes diligence to mount the moldings on the front or the inside of the building. Our specialists will think through every detail before the mounting. Then they will fix and decorate it.