Latest Trend in NYC Home Renovations: Custom Plaster Interior Design & Decor

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Today’s modern interior design style reflects a taste for minimalist architecture, though top designers are reviving an new concept, combining old historical styles with modern design. The effect adds alluring and surprising appeal to home interiors and you can easily replicate the look in your own home.

New York City and Brooklyn townhouse renovations, condos, and apartments are the perfect spaces for this alluring renovations and they’re easy to pull off. Architects and designers use touches of Venetian, Victorian, Greco Roman and other Classical ornamentation flourishes using plaster moldings like ceiling centres, corbels, friezes, crown molding, wall paneling and other tasteful embellishments. Companies like Arkada Interior Moldings offer an appealing selection that you can view in their Brooklyn showroom, plus they’ll custom make any design you have in mind in addition to installing it.



In the home shown above, rosette ceiling molding, wall trim and decor, and crown moldings were installed to update this unique open space townhouse with a modern style that still whispers of its historical roots. Add a coat of paint, new hardwood floors, and furniture and the style is complete. The perfect combination of old and new.  For the best plaster molding designs it’s always best to see them in person so check out Arkada’s Brooklyn showroom for more ideas.




“Excellent service. They understood exactly what I wanted and helped me design my dream home! Thank you!!!”

-Emily Vasilchuk, Brooklyn Townhouse Owner


In this luxe midtown apartment shown above, designed by Christian Dior (yes, THE Christian Dior), simple wall trim was added along with elegant crown moldings and ceiling friezes for the perfect sophisticated living space full of character and class.

NYC has a plethora of incredible period homes that make for the perfect setting for this style, a style that even top hotels and restaurants have begun to emulate. Even newer apartments can look like a period townhouse. The architect’s secret is to add small details such as crown moldings or banding that make all the difference while still maintaining that modern, minimalistic stylization. This way you ingeniously combine modern and historical styles to create a wholly unique and original space that has all the charms of old and all the class of the new.


“I came to Arkada with just an idea and some sketches for our townhouse renovation and they created beautiful designs better than I'd imagined! They were so professional and even did the installation for us.” -Kim Adsitt, Queens Homeowner



those of you with smaller spaces, you can pull off the look too. In this Brooklyn apartment the designer transformed those bright tall windows into the focus of attention with decorative trim and elaborate pediments making the space appear larger and more refined. With matching wall trim banding the look is complete.

Another home design trend that has been gaining popularity, is creating a space to work from home in. Home office design is all about sprucing up an area in your home or apartment to not only fit the needs of work but to also create a comfortable, beautiful space. Designers at Arkada, have been working with homeowners across the tristate area to add anything from luxury ornamentation, to simple and modern plaster mouldings.

If you already have an idea of what you want for your home, you can take those ideas and sketches to plasterwork designers to get custom made designs and fabrications created an installed for you. Otherwise we recommend you can take a look at the showroom, portfolio, and extensive library or catalog of trusted architectural plaster designers like Arkada.

See these designs in person.

This new aesthetic has been spotted in homes of New York City celebrities and by famous interior designers. Whether you want to spruce up your dream home, renovate, or add value, these soft touches of design really make a space feel both beautiful and like home.