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Interior designers, architects, renovators and those in construction all know the best secrets for making a space look amazing: plaster molding design. Finding a supplier of these alluring ornamental decor details is tricky however, as there are so few that offer custom designs, manufacturing, and even installation. Even more difficult to find are those well versed in both modern and historical architectural design work that can also restore and create replicas of period pieces.

Here’s an example of a gallery that updated its look with plaster moldings that stay true to historical architecture while adding a gorgeous touch of the modern aesthetic. The moldings here were custom made by Arkada, a plaster molding specialist in Brooklyn, NY with over 15 years of plaster molding, restoration and renovation experience.



Plaster moldings are the secret that interior designers use to add depth, character, and allure to any space from apartments, hotels, restaurants, townhouses, spas, boutiques, and more.

About the process:

The best plaster molding specialists can custom design or replicate anything you can imagine. Some will even deliver and install the moldings for a clean, sophisticated result. Design starts with inspiration and fully actualized sketches that incorporate architectural accuracy. The designs can incorporate modern and historical influences, the possibilities are limitless.

Here’s an example that Arkada Interior Molding has provided of the initial design sketches and blueprint. This one features a graceful ceiling centre, crown molding, wall paneling, and light filigree/embellishments.

Once the design is decided and approved, skilled sculptors flesh out the design with clay. This is an important step that should only be trusted by skilled and experienced craftsmen. This step requires immense precision and skill.


The final product is a unique mold for the client and will be discarded, as this is a proprietary design. Ornamentation can take on many forms. It can be the embellishment and enrichment of standing and running trim or it can be a standalone ornament such as a ceiling medallion, an overdoor panel, a bas relief embedded in a wall or a custom HVAC grille. In short, there is almost no limit to the creative potential of incorporating ornamentation into the built plaster environment.

For restorations these craftsmen and plasterwork professionals will refer to the original to create the perfect replica. Often, old ornamental interior designs become damaged, chipped, overaged, and worn down, but with the right attention to detail they can be remade to all their original, elegant, glory. Here’s an example of a restored hotel.


Arkada has done masterwork plaster moldings for 15 years globally and offer free consultations. For those looking to get inspired, check out the showroom exhibit in Brooklyn, NY or call 212-308-9009 for a consultation and about custom design work.