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Enhance the beauty and upgrade any commercial space by installing ceiling and baseboard moldings. Plaster crown molding and baseboard molding, elevates commercial spaces with a beautified and finished look. A lot of skill, craftsmanship and experience is required for molding design and installation, and the professionals at Arkada are dedicated to providing the best quality service for your space. For over 20 years Arkada's craftsmanship has been trusted by the most prestigious brands and companies in New York City. Businesses all across the metropolitan area have created the perfect ambience and upscale experience for their customers and clients using the designs and expertise of Arkada. Whether you're looking to upgrade or renovate your commercial space, our trusted professionals can help you with all your plastering and molding needs. We can handle any design or custom request. From functional to luxury we are ready and equipped to customize your space to your taste.

We have extensive knowledge of plaster crown molding, door molding, window molding, bead and pearl molding, picture rail molding, chair rail molding, dentil molding, baseboard molding, cove molding and decorative molding. Our craftsmen bring high quality work to any project.

At Arkada, we strive to deliver the best quality service to New York and the TriState Area. Our experienced professionals take pride in creating the highest quality molding design and installation to transform any commercial space. With years of experience and a reputation of working with top clients and designers, Arkada is committed to excellence. We are committed to creating an easy, stress free process for all of our clients at Arkada. We provide a free estimate to insure you get the perfect design for the right price.

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At Arkada, our design professionals have offered quality and affordable molding and plastering services to:

 Manhattan - Brooklyn - Queens - Bronx - Staten Island - Long Island - Pennsylvania -  New Jersey

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