ARKADA boasts 15 years of luxury architectural ornamentation for both residential and commercial spaces. We've done exterior and interior plaster moldings and fabrication for boutiques, restaurants, spas, hotels, bars, offices, government buildings, apartments, homes, and townhouses. We work with major architecture bureaus, leading construction companies, famous interior designers and contractors and can make custom plaster mouldings based on your design or on our  certified craftsmen’s ideas. You can always count on the highest quality of design, production, installation, and plaster fabrication.

Unique plaster moldings from ARKADA will add luster to any space and emphasize your style.

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While our catalog selections and designs from our library are extensive, we also offer custom made and designed creations. We can make the stucco of all configurations and styles. We adhere to the traditional craftsmanship and use only high-quality, durable materials. Gesso - a natural, environmentally friendly material that is resistant to compression has a strict, deep-cut surface. Gesso is hygroscopic, which allows it to absorb moisture, it is also fireproof and highly durable. We use materials and techniques passed down throughout history, in the stucco decorations of Classicism, Venetian, the Renaissance and Romanticism. It’s up to you whether to use the ready design projects or order something exclusive to make your interior or exterior more impressive.

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Custom Plaster Design

Our clients can chose from lots of ready samples. We also offer to create a unique moulding design based on your ideas with the help of our designer.


Plaster moldings is made by the traditional hand-made technique and modern technologies, which allows to create the complicated objects. We produce the items of any forms, styles and sizes.


Plaster moldings is fragile, and to make sure that it’s delivered safe, our specialists will carefully pack and transfer it to your place.


It takes diligence to mount the moldings on the front or the inside of the building. Our specialists will think through every detail before the mounting. Then they will fix and decorate it.