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Molding Installations - New York City

Whether you have an Apartment or a House, our team is ready to create or to repair plaster molding that you might have. Our team of expert craftsmen is extremely fast and proficient. With highest quality of service. Tell us what you want in your house, and our master craftsmen will create a truly unique plaster work. If you want to beautify your place, make a statement with your interior or if you just want a quick repair, our team can help you make your dream place a reality. 

We can create and design new plaster moldings for you or if you are in need of renovation, we can give you the very best service at a very affordable price.

Our team across New York City and the TriState area knows how to help your place feel like home. townhouse renovations, condos, and apartments are the perfect spaces for molding installations. At Arkada, our architects and designers use touches of Venetian, Victorian, Greco Roman and other Classical ornamentation flourishes using plaster moldings like ceiling centres, corbels, friezes, crown molding, wall paneling and other tasteful embellishments to enhance any space.

At Arkada, we strive to deliver the best quality service to New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey and other areas. Our experienced professionals take pride in creating the highest quality molding design and installation to transform any commercial space.  With over 15 years of experience and a reputation of working with top clients and designers, Arkada is committed to excellence.

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At Arkada, our design professionals have offered quality and affordable molding and plastering services to:

 Manhattan - Brooklyn - Queens - Bronx - Staten Island - Long Island - Pennsylvania -  New Jersey

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